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My heart is a worn out tire..

Grief writing - Entry 16


The condition of my heart is an old worn out tire. It can't take much more wear and tear.

While the tread is very worn, some function remains. There is still traction for other purposes. This old tire can't drive down certain roads anymore. It cannot endure the bumps and holes.  But tires can come off a car and still be used for sandbox frames. Fill this heart back up with sand and allow some fun to happen inside.  Old tires can be used in CrossFit for flipping. This heart can grow stronger even if more flips and turns come its way.  The heart may be able to be mended, just like a patch for the old tire, but its weakness will forever endure.  The holes will remain under the protective patch. The heart's strength can only return to a compromised state.  Despite, the tire, and the heart, will continue on. 

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