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Kindness to Self is Critical for Survival

Surviving while struggling takes kindness to self.

Kindness in grief is pursuing the comforts in life that make and keep me happy, cozy, and safe, as well as keeping me close to my best self.

Kindness is moving my body more regularly and getting out into nature.

Kindness in grief is taking that trip while wishing they were here.

Kindness is using breathwork to calm the nervous system.

Kindness is eating the sourdough with butter first then later finding the vegetables for balance.

Kindness to self is not caring what everyone else thinks, but putting what I need first, even when that’s confusing and unorthodox to those on the outside.

Kindness is seeing clearly the truth in the strained relationships and still doing what I want. Doing what protects my feelings.

Kindness is committing to the things that make me feel alive, or at minimum help to keep me alive.

Kindness is getting that massage because my body wants it. Booking that spa day and making body work a priority.

Kindness is giving myself more grace for my choices wanting a “natural” homebirth. Kindness is forgiving myself for not knowing any better as a first time mom. Kindness is stopping feeling guilty for trusting my midwives. Kindness is accepting that I was doing my best while laboring at home. Kindness is knowing I did nothing wrong.

Kindness is using a mantra that helps. Affirming my worth, to remind myself of my inherent nature, is something I am worthy of doing for myself.

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