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If Miles was here loving me now..

Grief writing - Entry 23


He would be relying on me for his every need. I'd get baby snuggles and cute smiles, and lots, and lots of giggles.

That's how Miles would be loving me now. Babies with good parents only know sweetness and innocence.

Miles would be loving me with pure innocence and not a care in the world about my flaws or my appearance or anything adults get hung up on. A baby's naivety is really a freedom for a parent.

Miles would be trying my food with curiosity and clearly letting me know his likes and dislikes with facial expressions, grunts, groans, and crying. There would be no question. He would be showing me acceptance when I do something he likes.

He would hopefully be a calm and happy baby. Losing him so early makes it hard for me to have certain certainties, but I think it's safe to assume he would love me by depending on me, and I would be soaking it all in, and loving him right back.

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