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Blue. The color of my grief.

Grief writing - Entry 9


Blue is my favorite color. (Often green too, but that's just blue mixed with yellow.)

Blue is the sky. Blue is the sea.

There was "something blue" at the wedding.

Blue is the wall in our bedroom, and front door, and pergola.

Blue is for boys.

Blue is the color of the balloons I bought to give my husband a private surprise gender reveal in the kitchen after work.

Blue is the robe I bought on our babymoon for delivery day. The robe I wore in my due date photoshoot.

Now, when I reach to wear that robe I still love a twinge of pain courses through my body. That bittersweet robe.

Blue is for sadness. Blue is the color of the heart emoji I always use now. 💙

Blue is my heart for the boy I hold dear.

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