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A grief fairytale..

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Grief writing - Entry 13


I live in a fairytale where the main character turns invisible to most people. A great tragedy happened to her and everyone said "let me know if you need anything", and then they never talked to her again.

The few who can still see her avoid her pain and act as if nothing happened at all when they see her in person.

In writing, they have the courage to mention her dead child, but that's seldom.

The few who can still see her have done sweet things to memorialize her son.

But after the important dates pass, everything goes back to silence for the invisible woman with the broken heart.

Her presence must make people feel uncomfortable, otherwise more people would want to spend time with her like before, right?

Or is it that because 15 months have passed since the baby died, everything should go back to normal?

Because she is not normal anymore, she remains invisible to most people.

She remains invisible to those who cannot talk about death, and grief, and feelings.

She is saddened by this, but she would rather talk about death than act like everything is back to normal.

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