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If you were here with us now..

Grief writing - Entry 14


Dear Sweet Miles,

We moved! From one beach to another. From Florida where you were born back to California; our old stomping grounds. I'd show you the west coast beaches and their chilly waters. We could watch for whales together here. We could show you the park where Mommy and Daddy met and got married. You'd meet and be doted on by some of our dearest friends. I'd take you to the farmer's market and you could taste the best organic strawberries and freshest raw milk. We could take you on a long drive and go hiking at Yosemite or see the snow in Tahoe. Our lives before you and our lives with you would now be colliding. A pairing of old and new. A world of familiar being seen through fresh toddler boy eyes. We'd go on fun adventures and make the best new memories in old favorite places. Summer days would be chilly and foggy instead of sweltering and muggy. We'd all be happier here. Together.

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