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The Loss of Baby Miles

Dear family and friends, on Tuesday, April 23, we faced the most difficult challenge and suffered the biggest loss of our lives. Our son Miles passed away during childbirth. Heather labored at home for 37 hours before being transferred by ambulance to the hospital because our midwives determined Miles' heart rate was too low. At the hospital, they were unable to find Miles' heartbeat and we found out he had passed away at 12:50 pm. Afterward, Heather's status continued to decline and she faced pre-eclampsia where her blood pressure elevated to dangerous levels. Alex feared he might lose both his son and his wife, but continued at her side every moment. She received amazing proactive care and delivered Miles after an additional 14 hours. We then learned the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his little neck. Very soon after, Heather's health improved (in true Heather fashion!) and we were able to spend the next day and a half with our sweet beautiful boy next to us in the hospital room before saying our physical goodbyes. Heather improved and we were discharged late Thursday morning to continue the grieving and healing process at home.

We are grateful for the 10 joyous months that we had with our son. He has humbled us and taught us that life is precious yet fragile and nothing is certain. We will take this new perspective and continue to grow and process the feelings and thoughts that we endure. Our marriage and bond was rocksteady before and is now strengthened because of the love we share for Miles.

So, where do we go from here? We will: hold our loved ones dear hug each other take time to reflect on cherished memories be good to our bodies be good to others be strong and resilient be tender and kind continue to watch cat videos and be nerds

We’d like to thank everyone for their support, the kindness and generosity are seriously so touching and what gets us choked up the most. We understand we aren’t grieving alone. Please share your feelings with us at any time. We aren’t afraid of open communication or asking and answering the tough questions. We love you all.

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