• Heather Del Castillo

Good Food = Good Mood

It's true! Eat well to feel well, even emotionally. I often tell the story of a shift in my life. One night I was crying almost hysterically over what? I wasn't even really sure. 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I reflected on what I ate and it was cake earlier that evening. Soon after, it became a running joke and my husband began asking me "did you eat cake again?" if I'd have a seemingly unwarranted breakdown.

Ffwd 4 years, after cleaning up my diet and balancing out at an approx 80% paleo lifestyle and I have my emotional outbursts and my skin problems under control.

Food can do so much, both bad and good. Don't dismiss it! Food is critical for fueling life and nearly every aspect of it. You can get off meds with proper diet and lifestyle changes, and even reverse many diseases!!

Take what's on your plate seriously and life will shift. I feel saying that with confidence!

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