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ShiftCon - Eco Wellness Influencer Conference

I will be returning to ShiftCon for my third year in a row. This conference teaches me

so much every year about the movements and activism within the "green" markets, gives me tools for social media blogging and marketing, and grows my network of amazing practitioners within the sphere of health and wellness.

Each year I am surrounded by passionate women (and some men) as well as brands I trust to use in my home year round. The speakers at ShiftCon are inspiring, and each year I am reminded of why I have found myself pursuing my passions and what really matters in life - optimal health. ShiftCon only invites sponsors who have a clean conscious and represent integrity and honest business practices.

This conference has not only introduced me to other brands and influencers, but has ultimately lead me to a new position as a Social Media Specialist, and now copywriter for a well-known organic health food company. I never imagined that my attendance would lead me to such a great opportunity and add such benefit to my already fulfilling career as a Holistic Health Coach.

This conference is open and appropriate for anyone who is health-conscious, interested in growing their brand as a health practitioner, blogger, or business, and wanting to grow their network and learn along the way!

To get a $50 discount on your ticket to ShiftCon you may use my coupon code: CONSTITUTIONNUTRITION

I hope to see you there!

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