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Mindfulness - A Practice of Continued Growth

Mindfulness can help with calming and ultimately embracing a happier heart. Mindfulness releases the need for control as well as the tendency toward needing to react.

I like to use my practice in the following way - I Stop. Think. Process. Look at the big picture. Decide. Decide again. Act. (Or "act" by doing nothing and letting it all pass and move forward in peace).

I look back to a few years ago and realize that I was operating on reaction, but now some of my first thoughts are:

"Isn't that interesting?"

"What's really going on here?"

"Is this worth my time to get bothered by?"

"Is this really that big of a deal?"

"What are my goals (both personally and with the relationship at hand here)?"

"Who do I really want to be?"

"How do I ultimately want this resolved?"

By the end the answer is almost always rooted in peace, making sure I am taken care of, and making sure I am being moderate, respectful, and balanced. Not reacting from a state of emotion, or a desire for control over others, are good points to note.

My mindfulness practice isn't perfect, but I think I've come a long way.

I really love this video's depiction of a healthy mindfulness practice --

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