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I heard of the 101 days of blogging idea from Sarah Kay Hoffman and it's stuck in my mind for many many months now. I need to catapult myself into doing more for myself and my own endeavors.

I decided a few weeks ago that 2017 will be a year of doing less and"hustling" less, however I don't know how accurate that will be. I think I just want to hustle just the same but on fewer things. The past 3+ years have been all about having at least 5 different projects going at one time. This year I would like to have 2-3 endeavors max and do them well, with greater focus.

My #1 focus will be on my day job at Nutiva as their Social Media Manager. I have worked for Nutiva for 16 months and I honestly love my job. I love educating people about health food options and working with a great team of talented women, I learn so much every month. My #2 and #3 focus will be doTERRA essential oils and Beautycounter clean cosmetics and hygiene care -- or so I think.

What's lingering? The Clean Bar. In 2016 I opened a superfood smoothie pop-up cafe that serviced CrossFit competitions and other athletic events locally, here in northwestern Florida. The history of this endeavor is a complicated one. The moral of the story is Do Not go into business with another person who can not meet you in the middle financially. My last decision to make is whether I want to do anything with the bar whatsoever. TDB.

Lastly, I need to keep focusing on my home renovation project, my beekeeping, gardening, and progressively becoming more of a minimalist -- which means de-cluttering and organizing my personal belongings.

I just want to share how my life unfolds as I chronicle life. So today I start blogging. I don't stick to much, if I can stick to this I will be proud. Wish me luck!

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